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Pine Tar Soap

For those who grew up following the edicts of the old world and the old fashioned ways of grandpa and grandma, the use of pine tar soap for soothing itchy skin is pretty much a common thing. The use of pine tar soap for soothing such skin problems like rashes and dry, itchy skin has been around for ages and these old fashioned soaps are still around for those who need them or want them. Not only is pine tar soap good for easing itchiness, there are people who attest to its effectiveness in soothing and helping with certain skin disorders like psoriasis.

Why is pine tar soap so effective for itchy, dry skin and similar skin problems? The creation of such a kind of soap starts with the burning of the sap that comes from pine trees. The sap that is taken from pine trees is essentially gooey and sticky and does not smell pleasant, but the reason why this sap is being used for making pine tar soap is not for its smell but for its antiseptic qualities. Also found in the tar used in pine tar soap are traces of iodine and sulfur, both very good for treating itches, infections and rashes, which is why the use of pine tar in old fashioned soaps are still considered very useful these days.

The pine tar soap that you purchase these days may not be as rough or as rustic as the original and older versions of this kind of soap however, they do retain a touch of the old country with their unpolished look and simple rectangular bar appearance. This kind of soap is usually made by specialty soap companies that have a lot of handmade soaps and this kind of soap often has that dark color that is given to it by the tar.